Qwintry 10 Magic Bag

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  • Gross weight: 270 g
  • Warehouse: USA
  • Manufacturer: Qwintry

To support parents and children during this isolation period due to COVID-19 we have extended our anniversary event and you can add our gift set Qwintry 10 Magic Bag to any order for just $0.01. The set is ideal for children under 7 years old. Offer is valid while supplies last.

The set includes:

Рюкзак с изображением Бандерольки
A backpack with a Qwintry emblem

This bright orange backpack has enough room for your kid’s favorite toys and books that he or she will love to take along while going for a walk. The little backpack bears a Qwintry emblem with a “little doggy” – your child is sure to make friends with them!

A squish

A squish is a popular anti-stress squeeze toy. The scientists say that a squish toy indeed helps our brain to focus on the task, so don’t hesitate to give it to your child when you need to switch his attention, and all other toys just don’t seem to do the trick.

Ракетка с мячом
A racket and a ball

This toy will help you entertain your child wherever you are! You can play with this bright colorful racket and a ball either alone or together with your friends – who of you will be able to catch the ball best of all?

A mask

This animal mask is a must-have for a masquerade – or you can wear it just for the fun of it! Easily adjustable sizing makes the mask a perfect fit for children or adults.

Журнал с загадками
An activity book

An activity book with games and charades. Each page offers a few games at once – this activity book will make a great companion for a small trip! And it is surely better for your child than cartoons on your tablet.

Набор стикеров с Бандеролькой
A set of Qwintry stickers

A set of bright Qwintry stickers in different images. These stickers may adorn your toys, your copy book, or even the cover of your secret diary.

Набор восковых мелков
A set of wax crayons

A set of wax crayons Crayola, 4 colors in a box. This little pack easily fits in a handbag – and is a great way to entertain your child if he or she gets bored.

Coloring pages

Coloring pages with merry animal images and more. The coloring book has 6 pages in it – enough to entertain your child on a long trip or while standing in line.

Штамп и стикер
A stamping stick

A stamping stick is yet another way to adorn the pages of your favorite copybooks, notepads, or any other surface in your home, for that matter!


A set of 8 washable markers. These bright and positive colors will help you paint anything on any kind of surface. You can even draw on your Qwintry backpack – after you wash it, there will be no trace of the markers left!

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