Product search and selection

All the products available at Qwintry.Store are divided into categories. You can select the category that you need in the Catalogue on top of the page. To find a specific product or brand, you can also use the search function on our website.

What are Organic products?

These are products manufactured without using any synthetic pesticides, mineral fertilizers, growth regulators, or artificial food additives. In the US, organic products usually have the USDA Certified Organic sign, which means that they are certified by USDA as an all-natural product. Only products made from natural ingredients of the highest quality with proven properties and origin, grown without the use of any chemical fertilizers, are entitled to receive such a certificate.

Why are some of the products made outside of the US?

The ingredients for many of the products that we sell are grown in special regions on small farms, away from the bustling civilization. This is the most effective way to maintain natural organic production technologies and to keep all the healthy properties of the product. The processing may also take place in the growing locations, after which the product is shipped to the US, and then it gets to Qwintry.Store.

What is the difference between “Expired by” and “Best before”?

In the US, “best before” does not indicate the expiry date of the product – it is just a recommended date for consuming the product at its absolute best, after which it may start losing its properties, including taste. “Expired by”, on the other hand, does indeed mean the expiry date of the product, after which consuming this product is not advisable. Please refer to the United States Department of Agriculture, Food Safety and Inspection Service. for further details.

The product is not available, what do I do?

While the product that you want is not available, we recommend checking out other products – Qwintry.Store has a lot of interesting things to offer. In addition, underneath every product that is currently unavailable, there is an availability alert button. Once the product arrives at our warehouse, you will receive a notification email at the address that you gave when you were signing up.

Why do I need to sign up?

When placing an order in Qwintry.Store, you must submit your personal data, including name, address, passport and TIN. After you sign up at the store, you will not have to enter these data for every order. In addition, after the parcel leaves our warehouse, your personal account will display the tracking number so that you can keep track of your order.

How do I place an order?

It’s enough to select the items that you need and add them to the cart. After that, you need to enter the recipient’s name, select the delivery method, enter your contact information, and pay for the order. Please note that to have the products sent to you, you need to supply your personal data and your TIN.

Can I place an order for some person other than me?

Yes, you can. In order to do that, you will just have to enter their name, address, passport, and TIN when placing the order.

Where do I find a discount for my order?

After you receive your parcel, you may leave your customer review about the delivery or some specific products and get a 5% discount that you may use during your next purchase. In addition, Qwintry.Store makes frequent promotional sales – you can learn about them from our social media pages or from our email newsletter.

I have a promotional code, where do I enter it?

The promotional code must be entered at the stage of forming your order when you add products to the cart. You will see the discount form below, where you can enter your promotional code.

I have a ruble bank card. Can I use it to pay for my order?

Yes, you can. When paying with a ruble card, the bank independently converts rubles into dollars. Please note that each bank has its own exchange rate.

Can I pay for my purchases with someone else’s bank card?

You can pay for the purchases with someone else’s bank card, provided that you have received consent to this operation from the cardholder. In some cases, representatives of Qwintry.Store may request additional papers confirming the identity of the client and the legality of using such a card.

Why do I have to submit my TIN and my passport?

These requirements apply to parcels sent via express delivery services and mail forwarders. This information is also required for the customs. All the data that you submit is strictly confidential and is only used for customs clearance.

What is the maximum permissible value of the products that you send?

The maximum permissible product value depends on the shipment method. If you send the products by mail (USPS methods), the cost of one parcel must not exceed $ 2499. If you send products by the Qwintry Delivery method, there are no restrictions on the maximum permissible product value.

There are also limits on the value and weight of shipments, set by the customs services of the recipient countries – in the event of excess in value or weight of the products contained in the parcel, you will have to pay a duty.

You can calculate your customs duty using our online customs duty calculator.

My parcel exceeds the customs limit. How do I pay the duty?

Information about the customs duty when getting parcels in Russia, Ukraine, Belarus, and Kazakhstan, is available here.

If a necessity to pay duty arises during international shipping, the mail forwarding company will contact the recipient, providing all the necessary information and the sequence of actions.

Is the delivery cost included in the customs duty?

The customs duty does not apply to the delivery cost; the customs services only apply to the value of the shipped products. For example, if your product costs $100, and you paid $25 for the delivery, the customs cost will be $100.

What is the maximum permissible weight of the parcel?

The maximum weight of the parcel must not exceed 18 kg (40 lbs).

Where and how will I get my parcel?

The place of receiving your parcel depends on the delivery method that you select. If you select the Qwintry Delivery method, you can arrange for delivery by courier to the door of your apartment / office, as well as pick up the parcel yourself at one of the many self-pickup points. If your parcel is delivered by the USPS Priority or USPS First Class methods, you can collect your order at a post office.

How do I speed up the delivery?

All parcels are packed on a first-come, first-served basis; on average it takes 1-2 business days. After you pay for your order, we will pack up your purchases and send you an email with the tracking number for you to track your order.

Can I combine my purchases in my Qwintry personal account?

If you have parcels in your Qwintry account or are expecting them, you can add the required products in the process of sending them to your home directly on the Qwintry website. In other cases, it will be more profitable to order direct delivery from Qwintry.Store as a separate parcel.

How do I track parcels sent by Qwintry Delivery?

Parcels sent by Qwintry Delivery can be tracked at the web page logistics.qwintry.com.

How do I track parcels sent by other methods?

Check out our @qwintryTrackerBot on Telegram. It will quickly and efficiently update you on the status of your order. Also, the links to tracking y6our orders are available in your personal account on the “My orders” tab.

Why doesn’t my tracking status get updated?

The status of the parcel gets updated when the parcel is scanned while passing through the next transport hub.

Airlines, logistics and courier services have a specific work schedule and cargo queue. Sometimes the shipment is scanned not on the moment of its physical arrival at the next transport hub but some time later, this period depending on how busy the hub is. Therefore, if your tracking status does not get updated for some time, this simply means that the parcel is on the way or it has arrived at a transport hub and is waiting to be scanned.

My parcel displays a status that says Electronic Shipping Info Received. What is this?

This status means that the parcel data has been submitted to the delivery service. Physically, such parcels leave the Qwintry warehouse on the day they are assigned this status, and the next status appears when the parcel gets registered at the first sorting hub of the courier or mail service.

The information on the USPS website has not been updated for a long time. What do I do?

The USPS base is not always updated on time. If the information about your tracking number has not been updated for more than seven days, please write to [email protected].
  • The courier will try to deliver the parcel three times. If the courier called on the indicated phone number and got no answer, the delivery is rescheduled to the next day. In Moscow and Saint Petersburg, the courier day off is Sunday; in other regions of Russia, the courier delivery is carried out from Monday to Friday.
  • All the parcels that failed to reach the receiver are forwarded to the temporary storage warehouse in Moscow. When such a parcel arrives at the warehouse, information about it is relayed to the Qwintry.Store customer support service, and our employees get in touch with the receiver.

    The courier redelivery cost is $8. For a number of regions remote from Moscow, the cost of re-delivery is calculated individually, based on the rates of the courier service, the cost of re-sorting and long-distance transportation.

  • The courier does not know the contents of your parcel, and is not supposed to be present during the unboxing. If the parcel looks visually intact, it is handed over to the receiver.

When I got my parcel I noticed that it has been opened. What do I do?

If you notice external damage to the packaging, you need to open and inspect the contents in the presence of employees of the post office or the self-pickup point, and check the declaration. In the event of absence or damage of any items, it is necessary to draw up acts, take photographs of packaging and the contents. You can also refuse from collecting the parcel.

We recommend inspecting the packaging carefully from all sides – the cuts on the boxes may not be visible at a glance.

I lost access to my account. What do I do?

You can restore access to your account by entering the phone number and email address that you provided when you signed up. If you still cannot sign in, please write to Qwintry.Store helpdesk.

I want to leave a review. Where can I do that?

After you receive the parcel, you can leave a review about the parcel and about each product in your personal account at the Qwintry.Store website. Your review will bring you a 5% discount coupon for the next purchase in our store.

I went through the entire website but I still do not see the answer to my question. What do I do?

In this case you may contact the Qwintry.Store helpdesk – all the answers can be found on this page.

Does Qwintry.Store work during the COVID-19 pandemic?

Absolutely! Qwintry.Store is up and running, and although a lot of flights have been cancelled, we monitor the situation and make decisions in real time, informing our customers about the delays that are inevitable at the moment.