Crest Complete Extra Whitening + Scope Advanced Toothpaste 8.2oz (232g), 5-pack

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Whitens, Freshens & Protects

Crest Complete Extra Whitening Plus Scope Advanced Toothpaste combines the teeth whitening power of Crest with the breath freshening power of Scope. It provides cleaning action to help remove surface stains, prevent cavities and tartar build up.

Advanced Whitening Power

With Crest Complete Extra Whitening + Scope Advanced Freshness, you get the great value of a tri-performing toothpaste that cleans, freshens and now gives your smile a boost in whitening power.


  • Advanced Freshness
  • Kills 99% of Bad Breath Germs
  • Fights Cavities and Tartar
  • Gently Removes Surface Stains
  • Strengthens Enamel

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9 months ago
Excellent pasta. This time I got a little more than a month to Moscow. Whitens delicately, but better than the mass market. Plus a huge amount! We use the whole family and are very satisfied. Thank you for the opportunity to buy it from you and delicious marmalade as a gift🥰
10 months ago
Great! My favorite pasta!!!
11 months ago
Delivery less than two months, the track was tracked. They "hung out" for a long time in Berlin, before it was possible to "get out of customs" faster. About the product: Excellent toothpaste! The cleansing properties are beyond praise, plaque does not form on the teeth even after a few hours, despite drinking a few cups of coffee and tea at work. In the morning after the evening cleaning, the teeth are generally like new. Only positive feedback. It would not be bad to add "Crest" conditioner to the products from this category, with it the effect of perfect teeth will be even more persistent. Thanks to Banderolka for the quality and reasonable prices! We are waiting for good promotions and relevant products in Qwintry Store. P.S. Unfortunately, I could not attach the photo due to its large volume, I will try later from another gadget.
1 year ago
Excellent! I liked the paste, refreshing and cleansing. Keeps fresh for a long time. Cleans very well.
1 year ago
An excellent toothpaste with an excellent price-performance ratio
1 year ago
Pleasant-tasting toothpaste. Large volume.
2 years ago
Great toothpaste. Perfectly cleans teeth and refreshes. This is not the first time we buy, I liked it. And most importantly, much cheaper than ours
2 years ago
A very lucky purchase! Everything is great – the price, the volume, but, more importantly, the quality! My dentist noticed a difference in less plaque on the teeth.
3 years ago
Great toothpaste! Freshens your breath for a long time.
3 years ago
Great tooth paste Large volume.
3 years ago
Great, as usual! I could track my parcel all the way through. My whole family likes this toothpaste. We will keep on ordering it. 
3 years ago
Hello! The order was properly fulfilled, but there are a few minor gripes. All the products were neatly packed, only two toothpaste boxes got crumpled. And, most importantly: why did you deliver the parcel to a different address? I had to take a taxi and ride to the other end of town. Why did this happen?
3 years ago
Excellent work, everything is neatly packed, you surpassed my expectations.
3 years ago
Our whole family fell in love with this toothpaste. Large volume, and it really cleans one’ teeth!
3 years ago
This was the first time I ordered from this store. My parcel arrived in St. Petersburg in 18 and a half days. I first tried Crest toothpaste still back in the 1990’s, and since then I did not seem to see it in the stores here. Now I can use it again! Thank you for the excellent quality and quite acceptable terms of the free (sic!) delivery. I was also pleasantly surprised at the sheer size of the vitamin cans))) Anyway, we will be ordering more, but we would love a broader selection because we would like to try a lot of things.
3 years ago
I thought that it would be small. But it turned out to be quite large. The peanut butter is great. Recommended
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How much is it?

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