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4 Reasons to Switch to YumEarth Candy

4 Reasons to Buy YumEarth Candy


You can teach children ideal diets for a very long time, but they still want sweets. Therefore, you need to have the most useful candies at hand, for example, YumEarth. In this article, we explain what makes these sweets unique.

1. Made without artificial colors

The look of the candy is as important to the kids as the taste. Manufacturers all over the world are aware of this feature, and are actively creating multi-colored caramels and drages. The problem for parents is that artificial colors are often used - the same as in industrial production. In some countries the situation may be alarming, since there are no independent consumer organizations that draw the attention of manufacturers to the quality of the ingredients used.

YumEarth candies are exceptional even by American standards. The company produces sweets that are completely free of artificial colors and flavors. Natural juices are used as coloring components: apple, carrot, pumpkin, black currant, etc.

where to buy YumEarth candies

When you buy YumEarth sweets, you can always be sure that chemicals with unknown effects will not accumulate in your child's body. Of course, YumEarth is sweet, and sugar should be consumed in limited quantities, but a product clean from impurities is optimally the best option you can offer your child.

2. No allergens in sweets

Allergy is a phenomenon that can form in the body for many years. Although for the majority of people the main allergic disorder is hay fever, poor absorption of certain types of foods also occurs.

YumEarth has chosen a simple strategy. In order not to create a risk associated with food allergies, all major allergens were excluded from the candy: lactose, nuts, gluten, eggs, fish, soy. This technological step will be appreciated by a small number of parents. But admit that it is very comfortable to offer sweets at a big children's party and be sure that none of the guests will have anaphylactic shock. Therefore, the absence of allergens in YumEarth sweets is undoubtedly important.

3. Organic ingredients

All over the world the term "organic products" is becoming the new quality standard. The word “standard” is appropriate because this definition can only be used by food manufacturers who can prove the organic origin of all the ingredients in the product.

organic products YumEarth

What is the difficulty in creating organic products, and why is this term still not widely used in some countries? YumEarth is not the only candy that can be organic. Anything from coffee to granola and other multi-ingredient dishes. Regardless of the number of ingredients, each of them must be organic for the whole dish to be organic too.

The difficulty lies precisely in controlling, generally speaking, the producers of plant and livestock products. On organic farms, only natural fertilizers can be used, and in the case of cattle breeding, animals should be fed only with organic plants. When it comes to crop production, farmers are required to comply with the rules for more than three years in order to become an organic producer.

What does YumEarth organic candy mean for your diet? Firstly, the ingredients, in particular the sugar, do not contain residues of toxins and pesticides. More importantly, the candy factory also adheres to strict regulations. They not only maintain cleanliness in the workshops, but also do not use chemicals to quickly obtain the required consistency.

Speaking of organic products, they can be fully called natural. Moreover, natural sweets without additives are what distinguishes YumEarth from other sweets on the market.

4. Different types of YumEarth candies

Now there are only sweets in the YumEarth catalog, but the manufacturer is constantly expanding the range. In addition, limited editions appear on the occasion of the holidays. For example, candy canes for the new year or candy canes for Valentine's Day.

Varieties of YumEarth candies

However, the regular YumEarth catalog also has a lot of goodies that are suitable both for the holiday table and as an everyday treat. Here are the main types of YumEarth candies that you can buy with delivery to your country:

Where can you buy YumEarth candies?

Ordering home delivery of YumEarth sweets and other American products is easy in our online store. If you are already registered in Qwintry, you can use the data from your account for authorization. If you have not used Qwintry services yet, registration in Qwintry.Store will take less than a minute.

Where to buy YumEarth candies?

When placing an order, you can choose different delivery methods: both to a specific address and to a pick-up point. When filling the basket, pay attention to the general receipt. Upon reaching a certain amount, delivery to any country outside the US is free of charge with no weight limit.

Delivery of YumEarth sweets and other products from our store is carried out by verified courier services, so you are always sure of the safety of the goods and the integrity of the packaging.

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