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Organic coffee from the USA Candy Tiger

Organic Сoffee Candy Tiger from the USA


If you decide it's time to choose quality coffee, grown and brewed to the highest quality standards, we advise you to look at the Candy Tiger brand from Oregon. Why do you need to choose this particular brand? Find out the answer to the question in our article.

What are the benefits of organic coffee?

For our catalog, we carefully select products from the American and European markets. Obviously, both in the USA and in Germany there are products of different quality in different price categories. It is important for us that our customers are always confident in the highest quality standards of products from our catalog. That is why we have added a small American company, Coffee Tiger, to our catalog of coffee beans.

It is an organic product grown on plantations in Central America and roasted in a small facility in Portland, Oregon. But what does organic coffee mean? First of all, we note that this term on the label in the United States cannot be placed without special verification by the supervisory authorities. Moreover, the term "organic" refers to both the method of growing coffee beans and the method of processing.

benefits of organic coffee

After the thoughtless development of agriculture in the 20th century, when agricultural companies used any chemicals to intensify crop growth and to combat pests, a demand for sustainable agriculture arose in Western society. In the case of products from the United States, this means that only organic fertilizers have been used on farmland for three years.

In the case of Candy Tiger coffee, there are two more important steps when using chemicals should be avoided so as not to lose its organic status. The first is getting grain. Only pure water is used on coffee farms to separate the beans from the fruit pulp. Carefully selected fresh grains dry naturally while being reliably protected from insects.

The next step in making organic Candy Tiger coffee is oven roasting in small batches. To ensure that coffee beans retain their natural taste and natural ingredients as much as possible, they are roasted in small batches. This makes it easier to control the degree of roasting, and, accordingly, it is guaranteed to get a product with the desired taste.

Having understood the technology for the production of organic Candy Tiger coffee, we can summarize the advantages of such a product:

  • Lack of pesticides, metals and other harmful impurities in the product;

  • Hand-selected finest grains;

  • Gentle roasting, which ensures the preservation of natural trace elements in the beans.

Types of Organic Candy Tiger Coffee

An Oregon-based company has launched 100% Arabica. Currently, the brand's catalog contains three varieties of coffee, different in taste. The first one is light roast - Candy Tiger Nicaragua. It has a pronounced aftertaste with hints of chocolate and almond. The main feature of this variety is the minimum acidity in the grains. This makes Nicaragua the preferred drink for coffee drinkers.

Organic Candy Tiger Coffee

The Candy Tiger Breakfast Blend is a medium roast coffee made from beans grown in Brazil and Nicaragua. A special combination of Arabica and delicate roasting created an original taste with hints of citrus and sweet caramel tones. A rich palette of scents will be the perfect start to your work day or weekend.

Candy Tiger dark roasted coffee is made from Colombian beans. This variety was created for connoisseurs of classic coffee recipes. Intense strong taste with a pleasant chocolate aftertaste will impress experienced coffee lovers.

Where Can You Buy Organic Candy Tiger Coffee?

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Laird Superfood Coconut Cream

If you want to enjoy sweet coffee but are on a low-carb diet, NOW Real Food and Lakanto organic monk fruit sweeteners are available. These natural sweeteners have two characteristics. The first is that they have null calories. Second, natural sweetener does not contain sucrose, so it does not affect blood insulin levels.

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