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Myths And Truths About Trident

The History of the Popular Trident Chewing Gum


Each category has a #1 product. And it is definitely Trident among all the chewing gum. We studied the history of the brand, and figured out why it is so popular.

How long has Trident been around?

If a particular product is very popular, chances are high that it has been on the market for a very long time. In the case of Trident, it really has. Chewing gum appeared on the US market in November 1964. And from the very beginning, it had a distinctive feature that provided the maximum advantage over competitors. Trident was the first sugar-free gum product. Xylitol, an alditol obtained from plant raw materials, was used as a sweetener.

In the 2010s, scientists recognized that xylitol does not cause an insulin response in humans, so it is safe for people with diabetes. But advertising in the 1960s emphasized xylitol as a non-cariogenic sugar substitute. In an era when the idea of ​​a Hollywood smile became popular among Americans, such a statement spread like wildfire.

Trident Chewing Gum

Subsequently, there were suggestions that xylitol even prevents the development of caries by acting on pathogens in the oral cavity, but recent studies have not proven this statement.

The popularity of the product is due to effective marketing moves as well. For example, shortly after the start of sales, Trident became the first chewing gum to travel to space. And since 1981, it has been present in the rations of all American astronauts.

The meaning of the name Trident

The obvious part of the name is "dent", i.e. "tooth". The first syllable is derived from "three", i.e. "three". This is a reference to three enzymes on the list of ingredients that help fight tooth decay.

What do dentists think of Trident?

The American Dental Association refrains from categorical statements regarding the medicinal properties of chewing gum. However, the Association acknowledged that Trident helps to get rid of food debris.

What do dentists think of Trident?

Also worth noting are the inherent benefits of many US products. They have passed strict certification, so they meet high quality standards. In the case of Trident, this means it contains only safe ingredients that have been approved by the Food and Drug Administration.

Where can you buy Trident?

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Where can you buy Trident?

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