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Welch's Gummies: 20 Years Of Popularity

Welch's Gummies: 20 Years of Popularity


In this article, we share how Welch's Fruit Snacks have changed the way people enjoy a quick, sweet snack.

Welch's gummies and relationship to the parent brand

Welch's is a company known in the United States since the middle of the 20th century. At the time, 1,300 farmers and small companies that cultivated vineyards in the northeastern states of the United States united under this brand. Welch's is initially and still is known in the United States as a producer of grape juice, jam and lemonades based on grapes and strawberries. In the past, the company even made frozen juices.

Welch's marmalade is produced by another company, Promotion in Motion. Over the past 20 years Welch's gummies have become one of the most popular fruit snacks in the United States. And this is a truly unusual event.

The culture of consuming fruit snacks

Marmalade has been popular in the West since time immemorial. Just remember Haribo. However, gummies are perceived by most not to be the same as a fruit snack. And Welch's gummies were marketed precisely as a relatively healthy alternative to traditional carbohydrate snacks.

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It must be admitted that the composition of the sweets really commands respect. Advertising claims, and in this particular case, advertising is not lying, that the first ingredient in the composition of sweets is fruit. Indeed: the first ingredient in Welch's gummies is a fruit puree made from grapes, peaches, strawberries and raspberries. And to match the tastes of modern Americans, Welch's gummies are fortified with vitamins C, E, A.

With this composition, Welch's gummies outperformed many competitors, which are made primarily from gelatin with sugar. In a relatively short time, Welch's has become a popular snack. A small package (25 g) is enough to have a snack with something pleasant, low in calories and free of gluten and lactose.

Are Welch's gummies healthy?

While recognizing the quality composition of Welch's gummies, it should be recognized that they contain sugar, corn syrup, and "natural and artificial flavors". Regarding the last point, the company even had litigation, but let's face it. Almost any modern "colored" desserts and drinks contain dyes that are allowed for consumption.

Are Welch's gummies healthy?

In this context, it should be borne in mind that American food technology standards are the most strict. One of the circumstantial evidence of this is that the labels of American products do not simply indicate "vegetable oil". Manufacturers are obliged to clarify which specific oil is used: rapeseed, olive or palm oil.

The norms existing in the USA apply, of course, to the producers of fruit snacks. The ingredients used in the manufacture of Welch's gummies are subject to approval by the Food and Drug Administration. You need to understand that compared to other snacks, fruit snacks are more useful, but you should not turn them into the main dish of the day.

Where can you buy Welch's gummies?

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