Important information: how Qwintry will operate during the pandemic

We remind you that at the end of the year comes the high season: due to the increasing load, delivery and packaging times are increasing accordingly. Towards the end of the year, the parcels tend to become more numerous, and our store is prepared to handle that. However, this year, a new factor came into play – the COVID-19 pandemic. In the USA, just as in the rest of the world, there is still a difficult epidemiological situation. Any link of the supply chain is operated by people, and predicting whether or not they will get sick tomorrow is impossible. If a warehouse employee is suspected for being COVID-19-positive, we suspend them from work, and have them take the test.

The same is applicable to delivery. During this year, the volume of cargo transportation has grown, and we have learned to work in the new reality. However, it is yet unknown what kind of load will be there on the airlines and, as a consequence, on the customs this year. We recommend ordering the delivery of the items that you need to get by a certain date, well in advance.