Candy Tiger Colombia Organic whole bean coffee, 12 oz

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Whole bean


100% Arabica




Cupping Notes



Classic craft roast provides the perfect balance of deep chocolate notes with a light nut undertone and soft acidity.


Deep and dense aroma mirrored in a complex taste of the blend.

Key element of Candy Tiger’s Columbia is supremo and excelso beans. They better preserve the taste and aroma inside the bean. Due to medium acidity, this blend doesn’t irritate your stomach and is perfect for everyday drinking.

Colombia is the major importing partner for the US, and that’s the reason why the taste of classic roast Colombian coffee became traditional for the nation. Due to its soft and fair taste Colombia coffee is not only perfect on its own but is also a nice base for beverages with milk, cream, and toppings.

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About the manufacturer

Candy Tiger’s mission is to produce goods that keep the best part of the natural properties and benefits of their ingredients. For their organic coffee collection Candy Tiger chose top-quality arabica beans from plantations of Columbia, Nicaragua, Brazil, Ethiopia and Guatemala.

The brand only works with suppliers that meet high standards of coffee cultivation. To call it organic, coffee is supposed to be grown on plantations that haven’t used pesticides and fertilizers for 3 or more years.

Candy Tiger also pays great attention to the quality of roasting. Arabica beans are roasted slowly and a small amount at any time, as it is the only way to save natural taste, release flavor, reveal coffee’s temper, and control the level and quality of each bean’s roast.

2 years ago
good coffee, strong, rich.
3 years ago
I drink coffee differently and a lot, recently I have chosen organic for the absence of bitterness and harmfulness in the composition. For me, Candy Tiger is synonymous with quality grains and excellent roasting. I tried all the flavors, each one impressed me in its own way.
3 years ago
Thanks to the Qwintry service for the coffee. The coffee is exactly as described. The aftertaste is felt even by those who have not drunk it).
3 years ago
My parents really liked the coffee. It was soft and rich at the same time. Its aroma was strong and fragrant. It is the perfect match for cream.
How much is it?
How much is it?

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