Mayorga Organics Perú Amazonas whole bean coffee, 2 lb.

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Whole bean


100% Arabica




Cupping Notes


Rich clean cup, light body with citrus undertones of orange, tangerines and notes of chocolate and almonds with a soft smooth finish.


Producer Information

In addition to the famous culture and landscapes of Machu Picchu, the Nazca lines, and the Amazons, Perú is known for being one of the major producers of organic coffee beans in the world. We source our coffees from the southeast part of the Amazonas region. This large country with extreme landscapes always provides for adventurous visits, usually requiring multiple flights and drives up to 11 hours.

  • Cooperative: Cooperativa Agraria Rodríguez de Mendoza "COOPARM";
  • Varietals: Catuaí, Caturra, Catimor, Pacha, Typica
  • Harvest Season: March-December.

About Mayorga Organics

Mayorga Organics focused on food safety, quality assurance and traceability since the founding of the company. To continuously improve the quality of our product, they were one of the first coffee roasting companies to be certified under BRC food safety guidelines, recognized by the Global Food Safety Initiative.

GFSI involves THE most comprehensive food safety standards in the food industry, requiring the utmost attention to product traceability, hazard analysis and prevention, product quality/consistency, and supply chain standards. Moreover, they have full-time professionals in their facility as well as in Latin America who focus on the quality and consistency of their products - from the farm to packaging and shipping out of their facility.

The main purpose of Mayorga Organics is to eliminate systemic poverty in rural Latin America through responsible trade of artisanal organic foods. They are treating their farmers as EQUAL PARTNERS and empowering them through communication and cooperation. It’s about “trimming the fat” in the agribusiness supply chain to create more value for farmers and for consumers–all while obsessively focusing on quality.

  • USDA Organic
  • Non-GMO verified
  • Kosher

Manufactured with 100% Wind Energy.

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3 months ago
Thank you for such aromatic coffee! I had hardly opened it when the deep and rich aromas filled my kitchen! This is something! I hope that my parents and the parents of my wife (also coffee fans) will appreciate the splendor of the Peruvian coffee!
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