White Chocolate Covered Coffee Beans Britt

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  • Net weight: 170 g
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  • Manufacturer: Britt
  • Warehouse: USA

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At the core of each of our white chocolate-covered coffee beans is what's considered a rarity in the coffee world - a peaberry. A peaberry is a natural mutation of the coffee bean that occurs inside the coffee cherry so that when opened, there is only one little bean inside the cherry instead of the normal two. This kind of mutation only occurs in 5% of the world’s coffee. Peaberries tend to be smaller, rounder, and denser than the average bean and because only one bean develops in the cherry, they are known to have a more concentrated flavor than a typical coffee bean. Because there is no way to tell by looking at the outside of a cherry if a peaberry lies within, these little beans must be carefully hand-sorted and selected after washing and processing. 

For these bite sized pieces, we've carefully roasted these flavor packed peaberries and covered them with our creamy white chocolate to create a deliciously sweet and crunchy treat.

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About the manufacturer

Café Britt started the way most of our days do: with the search for great coffee. Although Costa Rica has been producing some of the world’s best coffee for more than one hundred years, before Britt, all gourmet coffee was exported. Costa Ricans and visitors to the country only had access to the lower-quality beans reserved for domestic consumption. But where many people would have seen a barrier, Café Britt saw an opportunity. Fast forward more than thirty years, and Café Britt not only roasts the best coffee from Costa Rica, but also from Perú, Ecuador, Mexico, Brazil, and Colombia. With fewer than 350 employees, we are dedicated to continuously improve and innovate our product line, which currently has more than 500 gourmet products including coffee, chocolate, and cookies. We are particularly proud of our reputation as a socially and environmentally responsible company, focusing on the well-being of our employees, our community, and the environment.

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