Candy Tiger Coffee and Bars Variety set

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Are you looking for an unusual present? Here it is! 

This set is created for real coffee connoisseurs and snack lovers. It includes 10 x 2 oz samples of gourmet Candy Tiger coffee (2 samples of each of the five signature flavors of the brand), 12 healthy snack bars for the perfect coffee break, and a sustainable cotton tote with a cute tiger logo on it. 

Ethiopia. Medium roast specialty coffee with wine and berry notes and soft citrus hints. Coffee beans from the Yirgacheffe region are known among gourmets worldwide for their unique taste and aroma descriptors. Candy Tiger Ethiopia beans are of natural processing, so they maximize coffee berries' sweetness, antioxidants, vitamins, unique taste, and aroma.

Nicaragua. Light roast coffee with gentle chocolate and almond-tasting notes. Its uniqueness lies in its low acidity, which means that it will be perfect for those who suffer stomach discomfort after a cup of coffee and will be an ideal choice for an everyday drink. A light roast of coffee beans reveals all delicate hints of taste and aroma. It saves a maximum of coffee's natural characteristics and caffeine due to the minimum impact of temperatures.

Guatemala. Medium roast coffee beans with bold chocolate notes, piquant hints of Eastern spices, and soft bitterness. The coffee's dense texture and its beans' nature make it more profound and robust than most other medium roasts. This blend is made of highland Arabica beans picked up in different regions of Guatemala. The soil in Guatemala is full of volcanic dust, minerals, and salts and these unique properties give the coffee a soft smoky aroma.

Сolombia. It is a dark-roasted coffee with chocolate, caramel, and nut-tasting notes. The peculiarity of this coffee is the combination of supremo and excelso beans, which keep the aroma and taste inside the bean longer than others. Colombian coffee is a traditional American coffee taste; it's great on its own but is also an excellent base for beverages with milk, cream, and toppings.

Breakfast Blend. It is a bright, crisp, and multifaced blend of medium-roasted coffee. Nicaraguan beans and valuable Brazillian Peaberry beans provide diverse tasting characteristics. 

The coffee liquor has a soft, creamy texture and flavor, with slightly honeyed lemon notes, hints of peach, almond, and toffee, and a sweet maple finish. The coffee is well-balanced and exceptionally smooth without any noticeable bitterness and features a pleasant astringency that gives it an appealing brightness.

The snacks include three healthy bars kinds (four of each type), twelve snacks total. 

  • Nature Valley Sweet and Salty nut granola bars with peanut butter. 
  • Nature Valley Crunchy granola bars Oats'n Honey. 
  • Kellogg's Nutri Grain soft baked breakfast bars.

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About the manufacturer

Candy Tiger’s mission is to produce goods that keep the best part of the natural properties and benefits of their ingredients. For their organic coffee collection Candy Tiger chose top-quality arabica beans from plantations of Columbia, Nicaragua, Brazil, Ethiopia and Guatemala.

The brand only works with suppliers that meet high standards of coffee cultivation. To call it organic, coffee is supposed to be grown on plantations that haven’t used pesticides and fertilizers for 3 or more years.

Candy Tiger also pays great attention to the quality of roasting. Arabica beans are roasted slowly and a small amount at any time, as it is the only way to save natural taste, release flavor, reveal coffee’s temper, and control the level and quality of each bean’s roast.

How much is it?
How much is it?

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